Compass Bedrock offers these services for your business:                                                                                                                                               

Office/Workstations Networking Services
Workstation Design Backup System Analysis
Installation & Configuration Wireless Web Presence
Upgrades & Patches Servers Training
Maintenance & Security Network Storage Support
  Disaster Recovery  

Office / Workstation        top

Making sure users have the software tools they need, installed on hardware equipped for the job, is critical to any organization. We will work with you to design and implement your end user systems to maximize productivity; and we'll do it well within your budget.
There is a tendency for businesses to over spend on computing equipment. That is because since 1965 the processing power of computers has doubled every 2 years, leading most people to believe that the equipment you buy today will be obsolete before you take it out of the box. While hardware capability has shot ahead, Most standard business applications don't require significantly more hardware resources than they did five years ago. Buying today's “latest Greatest” workstation might sound like a good idea, but might not give you the best “Bang for your Buck.”
Whether you work on a computers running Windows, Macintosh or Linux, we can help you select and setup your workstations; laptop or desktop, to get the job done.

Workstation Management        top

Keeping your workstations up and running well is our priority. Configuring software updates, operating system patches, peripheral drivers, monitoring system usage and implementing data backup strategies are some of the things we can set up so you can manage your systems; or you can let us do it for you.

Imaging and Cloning         top

When we install and configure a workstation for your business, we can clone an image of its hard drive so it can be quickly restored. Whether the reason is hard drive failure, software corruption or malware infection, we can rehabilitate sick machines to the condition they were in the day they were delivered. We use this same technology to insure your new machines have identical configurations. Whether you need 5 machines or 500, we can use open source technology to get your workstations to you as quickly a you need them.

Network        top

An efficient, well designed computer network is an important tool in your office arsenal and the key to a productive, collaborative workplace. Whether you need simple file sharing or a comprehensive login domain, we can configure your network to be the convenient reliable system your business needs.
The network enables communication and the pooling of resources so your people can get the job done. Your office network can also provide security and accountability of how and when resources are being used. We do custom installations. We will talk to you and work with you on building a computer network for your business from the ground up.

Wireless        top

Accommodating the plethora of mobile devices is important to the modern workplace. We have the expertise to setup a wifi network that will give you granular control of who gets on your wireless network and what they can access. Your wireless guests and your employees will automatically log into different wifi networks and utilize only the bandwidth resources you want to give them.

Servers        top

We specialize in open source Linux servers because of their flexibility, reliability and stability. Whether your workstations run Windows, Macintosh or Unix like operating system, a Linux server provides complete interoperability.
Small business servers offer a wide variety of functionality and services to compute network. Simple file servers allow each user to have their own storage area for their documents reports and digital materials as well as providing public folders accessible to small work groups or everyone in the organization. Full feature domain servers require all users to identify themselves at login and keep track of each user’s activities while online. Serves can also automate many routine operations such as data backup, workstation imaging, usage reports and system monitoring. Of course a higher degree of management is required to keep a domain server operational.
As mentioned earlier, open source Linux servers are compatible with all other major operating system platforms. In other words, you are not locked into using only Windows work stations or only Macintosh workstations. Feel free to do you graphic and web design on a Mac while your financial records remain in Quickbooks on Windows. Linux servers will support your hybrid environment effortlessly.

Network Attached Storage        top

Information is vitally important to your business. That's why you are investing your time and resources into building a computer network. The easiest way to locally backup your data is on a NAS (Network Attached Storage device). Your NAS is your first line off defense when disaster strikes. We can help you choose and configure a commercial NAS or, using Linux, turn an old workstation you might have laying around into one. We know how to work on a budget, and wok on a shoestring; if necessary.

Disaster Recovery        top

Things don't often go wrong, but when they do, your system must be able to withstand the blow; but at what cost? Computer systems can be designed to never go down. Banks for instance cannot afford to lose even one transaction. But they pay dearly or that level of protection and few of us need that degree instant backup.
We will work with you to establish a disaster plan that meets your need and budget. We will present various options, such as: On-site storage, Off-site storage, simple replication, mirroring, transaction level mirroring, workstation recovery, Multiple redundant WAN connections and power backup, so you can make an informed decision about the level of protection for your system

Firewalls        top

Protecting your network is an important job. Most consumer quality router/firewalls do not have sufficient features to keep the bad guys out, and real business class firewalls, like Barracuda or Cisco cost a fortune. That's why we recommend MikroTik router/firewall appliances. These feature rich devices can do everything the top of the line devices can, and more, such as:

  • Multiple wireless networks (so individuals and groups can be isolated on their own network)
  • Firewall filtering at levels 2, 3 and 4 (to control individual machines, networks or types of communications)
  • Web site blocking by address or content
  • Bandwidth controls to computers or networks
  • . . . And much, much more
MikroTik firewalls cost significantly less than a comparable Cisco or Barracuda unit. Check out the models and their specs at WWW.Mikrotik.com.

Services        top

There are many ways our experience and knowledge can be of service to you. It all begins with a conversation.

System Analysis        top

A computer system can be a source of productivity, confidence, reach and opportunity for its users. It can also be a source of confusion, frustration, lost time, regret or even outright disaster. To get more of what you want from your computers and to avoid potential problems it is essential to have a sound plan. We combine a careful consideration of your operational needs, along with the fullest array of hardware, software, service, and training options, across platforms, with a mind on economy, reliability, and ease of use. We present the most efficient, elegant and satisfactory answers in a clear step by step language to help you understand how to make your system your best tool for your current and future projects.

Web Presence        top

We have become accustomed to a world where it is common for a web search to precede even the most mundane decision. Today, entire vital social systems, from financial and government services to utilities and media, are meeting clients, members, and the public as well as supporting internal functions through their web presence. As more platforms become available to explore, communicate, and conduct business, we can expect these trends to continue. Where are you in this digital environment? What kind of presence will best support your work?
For some, a combination sign post – business card – brochure – mailbox, which comes from creating a static website is enough. Some will want to take work orders or conduct e-commerce, communicate through wikis, discussions, or forums, host galleries, video messages, and interactive content. Some will want to reach out through email blasts, newsletters, catalogues, Tweets, Facebook, a YouTube channel, or other platform uniquely suited to the work at hand. We will help you find your place in this ecosystem so you use your time and resources efficiently to create, maintain, or improve your presence on the web.

Training        top

Music is not in the instrument or the player. It lives in their interplay. For your system to work best, it needs more than the capacity and configuration to do what you want it to do. Your system needs users who understand how to make it work best to support the job. From basic office and digital communications skills and supports, to data storage and retrieval, and making plans for how you will communicate better as you adapt to the dynamics of your ongoing projects. We can train individuals in small organizations to use their system to better support their many hats, or large groups to reliably perform a function at their desks or in the field. A large portion of the most severe security threats to an organization rests in the behaviors of its users. Your staff can be trained to keep these threats in mind and avoid them where they pertain to your business. We train in a range of settings on a range of issues. We are glad to digest your specific goals for a training session or a training program and map out the sequence and resources that fit your needs and parameters.

Support        top

It is never fun to feel you are without support. We can help you by gauging your degree of technical comfort and interest, the complexity of your operation, and the specific risks that flow from potential mishaps therein. We will guide you through the process of setting up phone and remote support for small office networks coordinated with maintenance and disaster recovery components. If you have the capacity and would see clear benefits, we can also help you select an onsite support service that is appropriate to your needs, or if your best option is to bring on in house technical staff we will use our expertise to help you find and select your candidates and help them transition into smoothly supporting your technology environment.